Pook Pasyalan

Ang mga lugar na ito ay kung saan sabay binuo ang ating mga pangarap, naging takbuhan natin tuwing tayo’y di nagkakaunawa. Kung san tayo’y nagluksa at nagsaya Ngunit ika nga [ni Juan Miguel Severo] Ang mga lugar ay pawang mga lugar lamang. Sabay sa ating paglaki ay ang pagbago, sa punto na di na natin […]

Bodies of Water

I never learned how to swim. The first time I drowned was the beginning of summer as I turned 15. I was with someone, a good friend, who said he will not let me go. He did not let go, I did. Salt water got in quickly, it burned my eyes, my lungs. I took […]

Heavy Rain and Heavy Thoughts

Weather Forecast: I remembered seeing my sister standing under the rain. She was drenched and I asked what she was doing. She said, “I’m cleansing myself.” Mother had taught us that rain water was dirty, except for the 1st rain in May which was believed to have healing components. It was not May, though. It […]

Tan Lines

Girls had been taught to hide their skin whether it was summer and the weather was scorching hot whether we were at the beach to swim or just bathe in the sun girls were told to hide so they can stay safe girls were kept from subjects of sex and genitalia to keep their innocence […]

To The Boys From The Girls

I’m not the person who’ll date you so I could marry you eventually. You have a choice, it’s not mine to call. I will date you because you are interesting and I want to know you more. I want to be with you. I want to be there for you, for the hard times, the hurtful, […]

A Train Story

After reading a story of a guy who was kissed in the cheeks by a lady he helped in the train, I decided to share an experience of mine. No, I wasn’t kissed or something but every time I look back at this, it makes me laugh a bit. It was a Sunday night, I […]